About us

Beyond Beleaf was founded with the desire to provide luxury, affordability, timelessness, and high quality home decor options that go hand in hand with sustainability. A vision of a better future drives us to source and use ethically crafted fabrics. Our intention is to create a better and greener future for you and the planet.


We believe a versatile fabric like hemp is the answer to many of our textile sourcing and usage woes. With laws changing around the world and growing research, hemp is soon becoming a wonder fabric. 


We, at Beyond Beleaf, are passionate about providing sustainable options for us all to include in our everyday lives. 


Our Values:

Ethical sourcing and production - we source our fabrics from domestic weavers and ensure the highest quality standard in the fabrics we source and use.

Design and affordability - our products are carefully designed and made in house. 

Focus on the future - a focus on the future is one of our core values. We believe that by providing affordable, sustainable options, we can aid you in buying and using better products. 

Female led - we pride ourselves on being led and managed by a team of women. Most of our products are also made by a team of local skilled women, who have been trained in making handcrafted products.